One of the cleanest, most nutritious foods in America! (Tricia, fitness professional)

“Juti Bars are one of the cleanest, most nutritious foods in America, and they should be added to your meal plan.” –Tricia Brouk, Certified Fitness & Nutrition Professional

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Clean Eating for Better Living!

Juti Bars look like a snack, but fill you up like a meal.

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What Juti Lovers Are Saying

“Juti Bars have become my mid-morning snack to keep me going at work and give me energy for a midday workout or ski. I just tried it for the first time with almond butter (I was really hungry) smeared on top – YUM!”

Audrey Huffman

O2X Racing Champion

“I LOVED your bars – they were very delicious, but even more importantly, they were really satisfying. I used them as a meal replacement (breakfast) and didn’t feel hungry till lunchtime. I have tried a lot of bars and Juti Bars are definitely the best.”

Tarla Neff

Corporate Trainer

“I like that Juti Bars are an unprocessed, truly wholesome energy bar. Most bars out there are loaded with processed, sugary junk.”

Andrew Wilder

Popular Health Blogger

“When I am in training, I consume a Juti Bar about 45 minutes before my long distance run and the energy is incredible! Every athlete and anyone looking to improve and supplement their diet needs to try the Juti Bar.”

Fabiola Figueroa, PhD

Marathon Runner