4 Recovery Hacks From A Heavy Leg Day

How to Quickly Relieve Muscle Soreness

Guest Post by Tricia Brouk, BroukMoves.com

So you crushed your heavy leg day with multiple drop-sets on your squats, deadlifts, and leg press. And now…you’re Jell-o, achy, sore, and may need a crane to lower yourself into a seat.

Hold on from special ordering a seat donut and check out these 4 quick recovery hacks to get you back on your feet.


A foam roller will separate or loosen the fascia from the muscle, which helps in recovery and performance.


If your gym offers this, it’s worth getting a quick one-on-one massage or jumping on a jet-powered Hydro-Massage bed. Like foam rolling, a massage can help flush out a build up of lactic acid as well as increase overall circulation, blood flow, and oxygen to the muscles, which is key to recovery.


This will allow your muscles to be used in their ROM (range of motion) with little-to-no resistance, creating oxygen and blood flow to the legs.


The restorative yoga pose Viparita Karani (laying on your back with legs up a wall) reduces swelling in the feet and legs by creating an “anti-gravity effect”.  Finally, it will calm you, so that you can relax before the next time you have to think about your next heavy leg day.


Guest post by Tricia Brouk, fitness expert and owner of Brouk Moves Elite In Home Personal Fitness and Wellness.
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