Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does Juti mean?

The word “juti” is a Sanskrit word that means “energy”. In modern day Hindi, the word “juti” means “connected” or “tightly interconnected” to something.  We chose “juti” as the brand name because it is all about helping to connect you to your true energy.

2) Why is the Juti Bar more expensive than most other energy bars?

Great care, attention, and Love go into each bar that we make for you. And we mean that. These are not just words on a webpage. The Juti Bar was designed to be as satisfying and nutritious a snack food as we could possibly make. And based on the evidence from our ever-growing army of fans (go HERE to see what people are saying about Juti Bars), our first flavor to market is a dream come true.

Each ingredient is certified organic and is carefully chosen and purchased from the highest quality locations throughout the US and the world. As a result, our ingredient and labor costs alone are higher than the retail costs of many of the mainstream bars today. If you know anything about the specialty food industry, you know that the retail price of specialty foods are typically much higher than products in the same category that are produced by the bigger food companies.

In addition to all that, Juti Bars are the first snack bar on the market with less than 10% sugar. And that means less than 10% total sugars when you add them all up from each ingredient. There are no refined sugars at all in Juti Bars and we don’t play games on the nutrition label by showing less than 10% sugar and not including another 10% or 20% of sugar alcohols in our total sugar tally. But the end result of all this makes the Juti Bar an experience in health and satisfaction that is truly beyond compare. Visit our BAR INFO page to learn more about the amazing benefits you can expect in a Juti Bar.

At the end of the day, your health comes first — and that is why we invest the time, energy, money, and Love into making Juti Bars one of the best packaged foods that we believe you can eat. Juti Bars are designed to bring out the best in you so you can live your best life today and every day.

3) How should you store the Juti Bars when your shipment arrives?

The label on each Juti Bar says “Place in fridge or freezer for storage” and that is exactly what you want to do to maintain quality and freshness. When your shipment of pure goodness arrives at your doorstep, we suggest you eat one of the fresh bars and then freeze the remaining bars until you’re ready to eat them. Over the years, we’ve found that many people actually prefer the texture of the Juti Bar after it is taken out of the freezer and given about 20 minutes to naturally defrost. Yum!

4) What is the shelf life of a Juti Bar if kept outside of the fridge or freezer? And why is the shelf life so short?

In short, Juti Bars are kept refrigerated because they are made up of just real food. That means no preservatives, additives, or “shelf stabilizers” are used. We want you to feel good knowing that you can read and understand each of our simple ingredients without needing to open a dictionary or looking up words on Google. We like to say that Juti Bars are built for the body and not for the shelf. After all, isn’t putting the best clean foods into your body more important to you than eating something that was designed to sit on a shelf for 12 to 18 months?

Each Juti Bar is made fresh in our state-of-the-art facility in Vermont, and we believe in only using the best of the best organic, gluten-free and vegan ingredients to bring the most pure and satisfying experience to your taste buds and to your body. There are no preservatives, no additives and nothing artificial in a Juti Bar, which makes it a fresh and perishable food. On the upside, your body gets just the good stuff when you eat a Juti Bar. On the other side, you will want to be more cautious in storing Juti Bars for the long term by keeping them in your fridge or freezer.

The actual shelf life of a Juti Bar is just several days if kept out of the fridge or freezer. So feel free to take one with you to the office, on your hike, or wherever your day takes you.

5) What are the ingredients in those tasty chocolate chunks that are in Juti Bars?

The dark chocolate chunks in Juti Bars are made up of just four basic ingredients: Rainforest Alliance CertifiedTM organic cacao mass, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter and organic vanilla bean. The chocolate is 100% organic, vegan (and of course, gluten-free) and is created by a cooperative of farming families in Ecuador. The chocolate is actually of such high quality that we’ve had many requests from customers who want to buy a pound or two of this chocolate in addition to their Juti Bar order. We don’t offer the chocolate for sale at this time, but it is something we’re considering in the future.

6) How can you contact our company if you have a question about Juti Bars or one of our other products/services?

Visit our CONTACT US page to send us a note or email us at info@jutibar.com