Gluten Free Oats | Why are they good for you?

gluten free oats

Gluten-Free Oats

Most people think that all the oats you buy in stores are gluten free oats. In fact, if I asked you right now if the oats in your cupboard at home are gluten free, you may say “Aren’t all oats gluten free?”.

The answer is actually both Yes and No. The oat grains themselves are naturally gluten free, but most oats you purchase in stores today are not gluten free. The reason for this is that most oats are harvested in facilities that also harvest wheat (i.e. a primary source of gluten). Therefore, since the oats are prepared for packaging on equipment that also packages wheat and wheat products, there is often gluten mixed in with the packaged oats.

In my travels, the only people I’ve met who know the difference between normal oats and gluten free oats are nutritionists and individuals suffering from celiac disease or a gluten allergy. When I was formulating the Juti Bar, I wanted to make sure it was the healthiest food possible and that it was something most people could eat — including the growing population of gluten free eaters. And naturally, when I learned that most oats available on the market today are tainted with gluten, I began an intensive search for the best gluten free oats available.

Further on the journey

I eventually found a beautiful farm in Powell, Wyoming that specializes in growing and harvesting the healthiest, all organic gluten free oats you can imagine. Oddly enough, the company is called Gluten Free Oats, LLC. :)

In future articles, we’ll discuss some of the many benefits of eating gluten free foods. But for now you should know that the numbers of people who eat a gluten free diet are increasing everyday — some by necessity and some by choice. If you’re considering “going gluten free” or you already are, be sure to look for organic gluten free oats the next time you go to the grocery store. They taste just the same as regular oats and some people say that the organic gluten free oats taste even better. All the oats used to make a Juti Bar are gluten free and fully organic.

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