Why Do Juti Bars Make You Smile?


“Juti Bars are one of the best designed foods because they’re crafted from 100% organic ingredients with no refined sugar and just one bar provides hours of clean lasting energy. These bars are perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, or just about anyone who needs a lift.” Sasha Boriakoff


“Two words: simply delicious. When I stumbled upon Juti bars, I was instantly hooked! As a vegan athlete, it’s a challenge with work, training and other responsibilities to get healthy, balanced meals. Juti Bars fill the need and keep me full throughout my long training sessions.” Alyssa Ideboen


“I like that Juti Bars are an unprocessed, truly wholesome energy bar. Most bars out there are loaded with processed, sugary junk.” Andrew Wilder

Popular Health Blogger

“I like to freeze the Juti Bars, and that way I can take one out on an as needed basis. Meal replacement, weight loss, mental and physical energy boost — whatever you’re looking for, Juti Bar can give you!” Alicia Cass

Certified Nutrition & Fitness Coach

After exercise, at work, or for meal replacement, I used to grab one of the “other” energy bars. Too much sugar. Too sweet. Too hyped up.

With Juti Bar everything feels just right. It satisfies my hunger, especially when I am working through lunch at one of my many clients. It’s also a great snack with my morning coffee on the drive into the city.

With my “Ultimate Juti Bar Challenge” now, it’s on like Donkey Kong!
(one for breakfast, one for lunch, then a normal meal for dinner)

Can you rise to the challenge?

Christian Kenyeres

CTO, Entrepreneur, Martial Artist

“When I am in training, I consume a Juti Bar about 45 minutes before my long distance run and the energy is incredible! Every athlete and anyone looking to improve and supplement their diet needs to try the Juti Bar.” Fabiola Figueroa, PhD

Marathon Runner

“Eating a Juti Bar is like a little slice of heaven each morning. The taste is a multilayer of sublime flavors. Complete satisfaction until lunch time. PURE BLISS!” Laura Sauter

Designer & (soon-to-be) Yoga Teacher

“I recently found out I have months to live if I don’t make a huge shift, so big dietary changes abound. But what snack food would be pure enough to be with me on my journey back to health? Juti Bars. Thank you for making a product that has all the right ingredients to save my life!” Madalyn Suozzo

Holistic Practitioner & Teacher

“Juti Bars have become my mid-morning snack to keep me going at work and give me energy for a midday workout or ski. I just tried it for the first time with almond butter (I was really hungry) smeared on top – YUM!” Audrey Huffman

O2X Racing Champion

“I have always cared about my nutrition but after being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, watching my diet literally became a matter of life and death. Juti Bars found me at just the right time. Their good blend of fast and slow burning carbohydrates made managing my new disease easier.” Andy Bloch

4th Degree Black Belt, Tae Kwon Do

“It kept me satisfied and energized throughout my morning. I liked the texture of the bar and the nutritional profile is impressive! I think it is great that chia seeds are a main ingredient; they are so nutrient dense.” Elise Curley

Registered Dietitian & Health Coach

“I LOVED your bars – they were very delicious, but even more importantly, they were really satisfying. I used them as a meal replacement (breakfast) and didn’t feel hungry till lunchtime. I have tried a lot of bars and Juti Bars are definitely the best.” Tarla Neff

Corporate Trainer

“My girlfriend and I tried a Juti Bar yesterday and it was amazing! It was tasty with a nice hint of chocolate and it doesn’t sit heavy in your stomach. We think it makes for a perfect pre or post workout nutrition supplement.” Brett Jackson


“The texture of the Juti Bar won me over! It’s like a brownie…without the fat…that gives you energy and tastes amazing! You’ll hear your body say ‘thank you’ immediately.” Meg Francis

Holistic Wellness Center Owner